Early Acclaim for

Live-Work Planning and Design: Zero-Commute Housing

By Thomas Dolan

“Although the live-work concept is now accepted among progressive urban design and planning professionals, the specifics that define the term, and its application, remain sketchy. This encyclopedic work is sure to change that, providing the critical information that is needed by architects, planners and citizens.” —Peter Katz, author, The New Urbanism

“The live-work unit is the natural habitat of mankind. Dwellings–from palace to hovel–have always included places of work. It is only in this past century of suburban madness that the connection has been lost. Tom Dolan’s book is not radical–it is merely a recall to sanity.” —Andres Duany CNU FAIA, Founder, The Congress for the New Urbanism

“Having enjoyed the live-work lifestyle for many years, I hope this book will encourage others to try it. It’s an exciting and clear blueprint for the kind of shared home/office product that is gaining momentum throughout the country.” —Carol Coletta, Director, ArtPlace

What professionals who have worked with Thomas Dolan are saying

Tom advanced the Live/Work space development concept in Oakland to a new level. He will do the same type of creative, well designed work for any commercial project whether it’s ground up construction, rehab or tenant improvements.
—Gary Fracchia,Senior Vice President, NAIBT Real Estate

“When it comes to live/work design, Tom is the guru in the U.S… I don’t know anyone else who has worked on these issues longer, or has more projects to show for it. My personal favorite is the re-use of an old Dutch Boy paint factory in east Oakland, CA, that created a community in an industrial area next to a railroad track. Tom knows his stuff.”  —Rod Stevens, Principal, Spinnaker Strategies

Working with Tom is always a sheer delight. He is innovative, personable and sensitive to the client’s needs, vision and program. Tom has found elegant solutions to architectural mindbenders and has a great command of regulatory procedure. Plus, he’s fun!
—Paul Parkman, Realtor, Builder and Principal, San Joaquin Group LLC

Tom Dolan is very knowledgeable about the specific zoning and planning requirements within the City of Oakland, including having participated in the writing the present live-work regulations. He brings his knowledge to bear in getting the development through the gauntlet of approvals. Equally impressive is his willingness to listen and incorporate client input into the design to create a project that is an all-around winner. Hope to work with Tom again. —Biren Talati, past client and developer, Sandalstone Properties