Project Types:All /Affordable Housing /Live-Work Courtyard Communities /Live-Work Legalization /Live-Work Renovations /Mixed use urban design /Townhouses, Mews, Compounds and Flexhouse /Transit-Oriented Urban Infill
  • California Cotton Mills Studios
    California Cotton Mills Studios
    Work/Live in an Oakland Landmark
  • 2747 SPA
    2747 SPA
    Green Mixed-Use Infill on an Active Transit Corridor
  • Temescal Place
    Temescal Place
    Mixed Use Infill on a Rapidly Urbanizing Corridor
  • Fruitvale Point
    Fruitvale Point
    Combining Two Great American Dreams: Owning My Own Home and Being My Own Boss
  • Westside Place
    Westside Place
    Greenfield Flexhouses as a Transitional Building Type
  • Waterpark Lofts
    Waterpark Lofts
    A Catalyst Project in a Revitalizing Waterfront Neighborhood
  • North Oakland Cohousing
    North Oakland Cohousing
    Infill Cohousing on a Transit Corridor for Families and Aging Baby Boomers
  • Emerald Parc
    Emerald Parc
    Flexhouses and Cottages Line a Large Central Green
  • Ocean View Lofts
    Ocean View Lofts
    A Live-Work Courtyard Community in a Walkable Neighborhood
  • Telegraph Gateway
    Telegraph Gateway
    Mixed Use Urban Infill on a Major Transit Corridor
  • Willow Court
    Willow Court
    Courtyard Live-Work in a Single-Story Former Warehouse
  • The Phoenix Lofts
    The Phoenix Lofts
    Mixed-use Live-Work in a Multi-story Former Warehouse
  • I. Magnin Lofts
    I. Magnin Lofts
    Live-Work in an Art Deco Landmark above a BART Station
  • Northgate Apartments
    Northgate Apartments
    Green, Transit-Oriented Affordable Living in a Highly Impacted Location
  • Lion Creek Crossings Phase IV
    Lion Creek Crossings Phase IV
    Green, Transit-Oriented Affordable Living in a Hope VI Project
  • South Prescott Village
    South Prescott Village
    The First Live-Work Courtyard Community ever Built
  • Henry Street Mews
    Henry Street Mews
    Compact, Transit-Oriented Infill Community
  • Pumpkin House Live-Work Compound
    Pumpkin House Live-Work Compound
    Live-work in a Former Neighborhood Corner Store
  • Livermore Village
    Livermore Village
    Downtown Mixed-Use Infill on a Greyfield Site
  • Dutch Boy Studios
    Dutch Boy Studios
    Legalizing a Venerable Artists' Live-Work Community