Bay Cities
Real Estate Investments

Site Area

63,375 sf

Built Area

63,985 sf

Number of Units

56 units

Project Cost

$16 million


fully entitled
and available

Design Features

  • Flexhouses on the commercial street provide mixed-use potential
  • Live-nearby cottages sit behind residences on the main streets
  • Family living potential in an evolving neighborhood
  • Large central green includes play area and plaza

Flexhouses and Cottages Line a Large Central Green

Emerald Parc is a 56 unit townhouse community occupying
a half block in a transitional neighborhood of
West Oakland. At its approval hearing, the project was
complemented by the Oakland Planning Commission
for its contextual design, which includes two story houses
fronting onto residential streets graced by porches and
pedestrian entries, and a large central green for which the
Emerald Parc project is named. That green, located in
the center of the block, is bounded by vehicular and
pedestrian circulation as well as a townhouse-over-garage
configuration whose ground floor is easily adaptable
to home office or commercial uses.
Emerald Parc’s 24th street front, which faces a formidable
industrial complex, is configured as three-level Flexhouse
units or “buildings that learn.” Buyers of these units will
be able to use them in a variety of ways, including ground
floor commercial with living above. Adjacent to a cross-block
passage fronting 24th Street will be a café designed
to be both open to the street and also to the Emerald Parc
block interior. In addition to garage parking under the
units facing the park and surface parallel parking along
the perimeter of the park, a free-standing carport will
shelter Parklift spaces, thereby reducing the overall parking
footprint and allowing for the entirely pedestrian-oriented
residential streetfronts.

Project Type: Live-Work Courtyard Communities / Townhouses, Mews, Compounds and Flexhouse /

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