Scotland-Lane, LLC

Site Area

50,000 sf

Built Area

180,000 sf

Number of Units

47 Live-Work  units and 46 Residential Units

Estimated Project Cost

$45 Million

Project Completed

Paused in Entitlements

Design Features

  • Working class live-work in a “mercado” setting atop the podium
  • Innovative combined residential and commercial parking
  • Strong facade presence in a gateway location
  • Tiered mixed use reinforces public-to-private continuum
  • Multiple courtyards provide opportunities for interaction at varied degrees of intensity.

Combining Two Great American Dreams: Owning My Own Home and Being My Own Boss

Fruitvale Point will be an innovative mixed use building that combines 46 work/live units on its ground floor and podium levels combined with 47 residential units on the top two floors. Located within a five minute walk of the Fruitvale BART station and numerous bus lines on International Boulevard, Fruitvale Pointe will be a transit oriented, Zero Commute Housing™ exemplar of environmentally responsible urban infill.

Fruitvale Point’s ground floor street-oriented businesses will enliven Fruitvale Avenue as well as the podium-top “Mercado,” while providing employment, housing, and home ownership for its occupants, services for the neighborhood’s residents, and a strong and handsome presence as a gateway building to the Fruitvale. The small businesses that this project will incubate are sure to provide needed services, and in some cases to grow into significant employers.

Parking—employing the “puzzle system” Parklift technology for residents combined with convenient access off Fruitvale Avenue for commercial customers and clients—will be entirely hidden within the building behind “liner” work/live units facing Fruitvale Avenue, which are designed as storefront Flexhouses.

Project Type: Affordable Housing / Live-Work Courtyard Communities / Mixed use urban design / Transit-Oriented Urban Infill

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