Bruce Beasley, Sculptor + Pinetree Associates

Site Area

20,000 sf

Built Area

22,000 sf

Number of Units

25 Live/Work rental units and 4 condominiums

Project Cost

$3 million

Project Completed

September 1990

Design Features

  • Fully finished loft condominiums in a pioneering location
  • Courtyards provide opportunities for serendipitous interactions
  • Full-height unit spaces take advantage of this tall one-story building
  • Exposed bowstring trusses enliven the units and bisect the courtyards
  • Existing long-span warehouse was well-suited to live-work renovation
  • Transitional location mediates between residential and industrial areas

The First Live-Work Courtyard Community ever Built

The first live-work complex built from the ground up in the United States, South Prescott Village is a combination of three projects in four buildings linked by two courtyards, a garden, and two streets. An exemplary functioning community of artists and artisans, this twenty-five unit project has been visited by artists and arts administrators from all over the world. In1990, South Prescott Village received an “Orchid” award for design excellence from the Oakland City Assets Committee, an adjunct of the East Bay Chapter of the AIA.

Project Type: Live-Work Courtyard Communities / Transit-Oriented Urban Infill

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