TJ Enterprises

Site Area

40,155 sf

Built Area

41,656 sf


Number of Units

27 Live/Work and

commercial condominiums

Project Cost

$5.0 million

Project Completed

June 2001

Design Features

  • A pioneering project in a district that soon became a neghborhood
  • All units open off a central courtyard with salvaged industrial fountain
  • Courtyards serve to encourage interaction among residents
  • Adjacent to a walkable neighborhood, a short walk across a bridge

A Catalyst Project in a Revitalizing Waterfront Neighborhood

Set in The Kennedy Tract, a newly revitalizing mixed-use waterfront neighborhood on the Alameda Estuary, Waterpark Lofts consists of 27 live-work units oriented around a central courtyard that opens toward the water. A waterfront boardwalk, marina docking and kayak landing facilities are included in the design of Waterpark Lofts, which is within easy walking distance of Alameda’s Park Street across a historic drawbridge, and is within a ten minute walk of the Fruitvale BART transit village. The project has served as a catalyst for numerous larger projects, whose completion implements the Oakland Estuary Plan’s Vision of a continuous waterfront, creating a vibrant new mixed use neighborhood.

Project Type: Live-Work Courtyard Communities

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