XP Development

Site Area

22,000 af

Built Area

25,000 sf

Number of Units

20 LiveWork Units

Project Cost

$5 million

Project Completed

October 2007

Design Features

  • Fully finished loft condominiums in a pioneering location
  • Courtyards provide opportunities for serendipitous interactions
  • Full-height unit spaces take advantage of this tall one-story building
  • Exposed bowstring trusses enliven the units and bisect the courtyards
  • Existing long-span warehouse was well-suited to live-work renovation
  • Transitional location mediates between residential and industrial areas

Courtyard Live-Work in a Single-Story Former Warehouse

Willow Court is a project whose design concept was sketched by the architect, Thomas Dolan, on the first day he visited the site. A 100 foot clear span one story warehouse, its ten foot deep bowstring trusses provided the opportunity for dramatic curved roofs and exposed structure within each unit. Designed as townhouses, the mezzanines and upper levels of each unit sit within the space between the trusses. The simple design sketched on that first day is based on a single passageway down the middle of the building, punctuated by two courtyards–onto which all twenty units enter directly. The original trusses arch across the center of each courtyard, and a spiral labyrinth fountain provides a calming sound environment in each court. The courtyards are designed to facilitate interaction among residents as they come and go about their daily lives, a common theme in the work of Thomas Dolan Architecture.

Project Type: Live-Work Courtyard Communities / Live-Work Renovations

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